“Caring for the nation by helping protect lives and property from fire and life safety events is our primary goal.“


Who We Are

Hassantuk is a strategic Public-Private-Partnership between the UAE Ministry of Interior and Injazat Data Systems.


What We Do

Hassantuk increases the efficiency of emergency services response to all fire and life safety alarms through a smart system that helps to shorten response times and increase response efficiencies to emergency events helping reduce danger to life and damage to property.

Through effective receiving fire alarm systems in the buildings, and ensuring operative periodic maintenance, Hassantuk enhances the effectiveness of these systems and protection of people and property.


Vision and Mission


To make the UAE one of the safest countries in the world


To provide state-of-the-art solutions that enhance the effectiveness of building safety and security systems, continually supporting emergency services.


Safety & Service

At Hassantuk we are motivated by improving public safety and security, ensuring that all our communities across the UAE are afforded the highest level of protection our systems can provide.

We are here to help protect people, their belongings and property as well as supporting building maintenance companies to deliver a high standard of service. At Hassantuk we are honored to be playing our part in improving fire and life safety standards and will continue to strive to make the UAE a safer and happier Country.



Fundamentally driving our operation, using our data monitoring systems, we gather information and provide intelligence to emergency responders across the UAE. Once we receive a verified alert, we respond within seconds. We assist maintenance companies to deliver on their service agreements making buildings safer.



Our service doesn’t simply react, it proactively monitors and manages the safety of buildings, ensuring issues are identified, and maintenance and repairs are completed in a timely manner. We actively ensure that all buildings are safe and that building owners and maintenance companies are always compliant with their obligations, supporting them to protect those in their care, their assets and investments.