Who We Are

A cutting-edge building safety solution protecting lives and properties across the UAE through the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) operators who verify if an alarm is genuine or false in less than 120 seconds. This ensures that any emergency services respond to genuine fire and life safety events and are not dispatched to false or maintenance alarms.

Upon verification, the alarm is automatically reported to the emergency services within seconds providing them with situational intelligence supporting their Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels of command making their response more effective and our cities smarter and safer.


Alarms will be triggered through:
  • Fire Alarms, Gas Detection Systems, Elevator Systems, Water Tank Level Meters, Building Management Systems, and Security Systems.
  • Fire and life safety alarms from connected buildings are Receiving Alarm 365 days a year along with all maintenance alarms generated from the buildings systems. Maintenance alarms are automatically routed to the building’s maintenance company ensuring that repairs are undertaken immediately enforcing the mission of safer buildings.
  • Using Smart Technology to Receiving Alarm and respond efficiently to verified emergency alarms and maintenance events, Hassantuk supports the MOI vision for having the United Arab Emirates as one of the best countries in the world in achieving safety and security.
  • Flexibility is intrinsic to the Hassantuk programme. Capable of connecting millions of devices, it is fundamentally scalable. Additional building management systems, health Receiving alarms, aircraft alerts, intruder detection and personal attack alarms as well as CCTV streams can be seamlessly integrated to the platform as the UAE’s requirements expand.



Subscription to Hassantuk is mandated by:

UAE Cabinet Resolution No. (24) Of 2012 & Ministerial Resolution 505 of 2012.

Every building owner is responsible for the payment of installation and fixed annual subscription fees which are to be paid in accordance with the MOI